How is delivery done?

Your orders on will be sent to your registered delivery address within 7 working days after order confirmation. Do not forget to check your delivery address to avoid any mistakes.

Delivery is not done on weekends and feast days.

Open and check the packages that you think have been damaged during shipment in front of the cargo company representative from whom you received them. If there is any damage to the product, do not take delivery of the product by keeping a record with the cargo company. Do not forget that you have accepted that the cargo company has fully fulfilled its duty after the product is received.

How to return and exchange?

You can create your exchange request by sending an e-mail or calling within 14 days after the delivery date for a size change or an exchange with a different product when you shop on

Your return and exchange shipments should only be sent with UPS CARGO. Products sent with a different cargo will not be refunded.

The shipping fee sent to you after the exchange is free. When your products reach us, our Quality Assurance department checks the compliance with the exchange conditions and initiates the exchange process. The products suitable for the exchange will be sent to your registered delivery address.

The exchange can only be made once.

How do I perform the return process?

The return period of defective or defective goods of members is 7 days. This period, which is 7 days according to the regulation on distance contracts, is controlled by the laws and is included in the sales contract sent to your e-mail after purchase.

You can return a defective or faulty product within 7 days of receiving your order.

The period for returns due to any defect caused by the product is 7 days. If the product is noticeably deformed from the outside during shipping, report it to the cargo officer and return it. Shipping and other costs for defective product returns are borne by the seller. Disposable products, cosmetics and personal care products, underwear products, swimwear, bikinis and personalized products (products with names), luxury and design category products and used products are not refundable.

It is not possible to change or return the number of products that are out of stock and unpublished.

How do I perform the change?

If there is more than one product in your order, you can change the product/products within the framework of the following criteria in order to make a partial or complete change.

-You can send the product to be exchanged to us under the following conditions, by filling out the return form sent to you before, together with the invoice.

1. An unused (original intact) product that has not lost its re-saleability

2. The original box of the product,

3. All accessories sent with the product,

4. The original of the invoice of the product (1st copy and 2nd copy - for the products whose invoice is not sent, no refund will be made),

5-In the product you have purchased; You can request a refund or exchange, provided that the product has not lost its resellability and has not been used.

6-Promotional and campaign products, which are given as gifts, must also be sent with return and exchange.

Your return and exchange shipments should only be sent with UPS CARGO. Products sent with a different cargo will not be refunded.

Returns and Exchanges Submitting that you will make an exchange or refund on the return form will speed up your transactions. If you do not specify, our customer representative will contact you as soon as your return reaches the warehouse and will make the necessary guidance. In order for the cargo to reach us, the return address must be the sender's address on your invoice.

- After sending your exchange cargo, you may be asked for your postal code of the cargo you sent, if necessary. Please keep your shipping code so you don't have any problems.

- Change can be made with different products, the product amount does not have to be the same, the new product amount is calculated as a result of the change and if there is a difference, it is requested. If the exchange products are more affordable, the fee difference will be refunded to your payment method.. .

When the product reaches our company, collection, shipping costs, campaign discounts and, if any, money transfer or EFT shipping costs for the return process are deducted from the fee and the remaining amount is deposited into your account in full. Refunds of accepted products are completed within 20 working days. There are no refunds or exchanges for products whose sales have been closed. Depending on your bank, it may take several days for you to see your refund on your credit card. If you have requested an exchange, the new product will be shipped on the same day.

Will I pay the return/exchange shipping costs? agrees to pay shipping costs for defective product shipments. You will receive defective products in different sizes from the products in your wrong product order.

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