Shoe Usage

When buying shoes, the appropriate choice should be made and they should not be used other than for the purpose for which the shoes were produced. In this regard, it is recommended to be preferred after getting information from our sales consultants about the features of the shoe (product type, usage, maintenance, cleaning, etc.). not suitable)

shoes; Try right and left.

Check their numbers.

Always try on shoes standing, not sitting.

Get the size that fits your foot perfectly, do not buy shoes that do not fit the anatomical structure of your foot and are tight. Wearing large or small size shoes is both inconvenient and deforms the shoes.

What is healthy is that there should be half a millimeter (0.5 mm) space between the toe and upper part of the shoe and your foot.

It may sting or hit the foot in the first few wears until the shoes adapt to the foot. For this reason, before going out with new shoes, it is useful to try one more time by wearing them at home. The used product (due to hitting, squeezing, stretching, skin color difference, etc.) cannot be replaced with a new one. Please check and buy the product.

When you go to buy shoes, wear socks of the type and thickness you usually use.

When putting on and taking off lace-up shoes, the laces must be untied.

Pullers (kerata) should be used while wearing the shoes.

In scientific studies, the amount of sweat produced by one foot has been determined as 50 liters per year. The sweat secreted by the feet is a kind of acid and the pH ratio (acidity ratio) of this acid varies from person to person. Foot sweat with a high pH rate causes deterioration in the inner lining and skin. In problems caused by excessive sweating of the feet; The manufacturer and seller take no responsibility.

One of the best ways to wear a shoe for a long time is to not wear the same shoe all the time. Wearing by changing shoes every two days; airing and resting shoes; It is important for both shoes and foot health.

It is recommended to use all shoes with socks, except for shoes that are used without socks (especially flip-flops, sandals and slippers, etc.). Shoes that are worn without socks will smell if they are not changed every day. The reason is that foot sweat and oil on the skin close the pores of the skin.

Wrinkles and stretching may occur on the leather of your shoes, depending on the structure of your foot and the way it is used. These wrinkles and stretches will increase with each flexion (twisting) of the foot. Use molds to prevent deformities of the shoe,

Since chemicals are not used in shoes that are unlined or dark-colored and use leather outcrops, which will damage the naturalness of the leather and adversely affect the health of the feet, the color of the skin may appear on the feet and socks. In such cases, it is recommended to wear socks of the same color or dark color as the leather.

Hand-stitched (known as saddlery) shoes can absorb water from the seams.

Due to their natural structure, the fibers of all leather types have hydrophobic surfaces and pores (TS 4120). Because of these properties, when the skin comes into contact with water, it starts to get wet on the skin. If the contact is continuous, it draws water. Well; All leather shoes can absorb rain and snow water (or water in ponds on the road) if they do not have the phrase 'WATERPROOF or WATER RESISTANT' (water resistant/water prof, goretex, etc.) on them.

Leather; Since it has the natural leather feature, the leather sole shoes are suitable for use in the summer season and have the feature of breathing. In other words, due to the feature of leather in Article 16, when it is used on wet floors, first melting, then puncture and breakage will occur on the soles. For this reason, shoes should be preferred according to the season and it is important to pay attention to the advice of our sales consultants when buying shoes.

Snow water and excessive sweating (as mentioned in the 10th article) may cause saltiness on the skin.

Wet shoes should never be dried near a heater, stove or similar heater or under the sun. Otherwise, the leather will dry out and crack, and the sole will open. Please dry your shoes at room temperature by placing molds or newspaper inside.

No shoes other than shoes (products) with the phrase 'WASHABLE' should never be washed in the washing machine or by hand. (Including animal slippers and pantoffs)

There may be differences in both pairs of leather colors called 'Crazy' (products that use cowhide and are not processed in order not to spoil the natural appearance of the leather). This is a characteristic of the leather, not a fault.

Sun rays can cause discoloration of the leather on the shoes.

When walking or sitting, the soles can injure the skin due to the friction of the shoes against each other, and occasionally in light-colored shoes.

can paint well. It is not normal for shoes to rub against each other in gait physiology. Our company is not responsible for wearing or dyeing due to such habits.

Pointed toe shoes, boots and boots, by model; Since all the toes of the foot do not fill the anterior nose, some space remains. For this reason, it is recommended to use it carefully, as scratching and peeling may occur on the skin surface of the nose parts, involuntarily during use, in contact with external factors (especially on stairs, contact with pedals during automobile use, office or work desk contacts, etc.).

During the normal use process, the wear of the heel cap rubber of especially high-heeled women's shoes should be followed well. It is the customer's responsibility to replace the cover rubbers that fill the wear process. Because heel cap rubbers; It has the feature of consumable in normal use process.

After the use of your purchased shoes for a while, the need for paint and cleaning maintenance will arise. For this, eliminating the need for care with paint and materials suitable for the color and type of the leather of your shoes will allow you to use your shoes for a longer time and as the first day you bought them. Use of poor quality paint and materials that are not suitable for the type of leather; It will cause cracks on the skin.

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